My daughter is working at collecting some of her possessions as she is preparing to move to her own residence. “Mom,” she says to me, “it’s a good thing you still have Benjamin. You’ll soon be almost an empty nester…”

For someone with a large family, that idea comes as an incredible shock. I had to stand back and look at where we were. In less than one year our daughter and her two brothers would be moving out, and within nine months the next son would be graduating, leaving only the five-year-old at home.

Oddly enough, if someone had told me then that it would take me seventeen years until I would have my book ready to publish I would probably have told them they were crazy. First off, because I didn’t have it started yet, only the glimmer of an idea, and second, of those who begin a book manuscript less than half finish them.

Yet, here we are looking at the culmination of the beginning of the end. We have come through many twists and turns, and the journey has not been smooth. I remember the first draft when I believed my ‘baby’ was done. I found an address of a popular publisher of Christian books, and with a cover letter I sent it in.

Needless to say, that began the journey, my ‘baby’ was nowhere near ready to face the world. My five-year-old son is now twenty-seven and on his own, and my seventeen-year-old ‘baby’ is about to graduate and launch into the world as well. We are target publishing “If I Should Die” by the end of May/beginning of June 2020. This will be the first in the Ebenezer series with at least two more novels, Lord willing, to follow.