Books of Mine

If I Should Die

“A story of going home, God’s hand of providence, strong family values, and faith tested by fire.”

Undercover agent Julius C. Armstrong has spent the last ten years of his life walking among the criminal elements. He feels old and tired, and he wants out of the lies and deceit. His last case should be like butterscotch syrup on plain ice cream—smooth and sweet, but from his first visit to the local Mom and Pop’s eatery and onward nothing goes quite as he expects. The past that he has been running from, is catching up to him. Will Julius be able to survive one last time?

As Time Moves Forward, All Truth Is Revealed.

“Two Hearts. Two Secrets. Truth made known God’s hand of providence continues through strong family values and faith tested by fire.”

Then the unthinkable happens and Gwen and Alice are kidnapped. The kidnapper, intending to grab the cook knocks him out instead and snatches the stablehand, Matt Hastings.

Waking up with temporary amnesia, the befuddled cook is sure Mike Chapman isn’t his name, but the only two names that sound familiar are Gwen and MacDonald. So the hope of finding the kidnapped victims rests with a man who doesn’t know who he is, where he’s from, or what he’s doing…but he knows he’s doing something-and it’s important.

The course of true love never runs smooth, so the saying goes.

Ruth is walking by faith not by sight. “I can’t see anything except our time isn’t now.” She refuses Michael’s proposal of marriage.

Life goes on around the MacDonald community, and Michael opts to take up foreign mission work while Ruth and Anna take on community classes and help minister to family. During Christmas and holiday break Michael rescues a local young woman, Ada, from certain death during a blizzard.

Ada sees a life she could only dream for. A life that includes a close loving home, a family… and Michael. But what about Ruth? Has Michael given up after his third proposal? Has he changed his mind?