Running Low

Batteries have a habit of running out at the most inconvenient time. No matter what I’m doing when the light or alarm goes off that tells me I have a short time left before I’m cut off it does not make my day.

Mad Mom. Two words we didn’t want to hear when we were growing up, and two words my family didn’t want to hear when they were growing up. There is something to the phrase, “When mamma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy”.

So, last week when I had been watching for my copy of my book to ship and it had not, even though people of my acquaintance received theirs… I began contacting the publisher—several times. Finally, it had its ‘label created’, but I still couldn’t find it. It showed up five days later in Kansas City, but not here.

I kept sending in ‘contact me’ notices to the post office, some times two in one day. At last, I got notified my book would be delivered in two more days, but it came the next day. I got my copy yesterday. Twenty-four days after I ordered it.

There have been friends who have said, ‘I’ll get my copy from you’, not realizing they would be better off just ordering it from Amazon Books.

By the time I finished sending the printer ‘where’s my book?’ queries, and the post office ‘notify me when’, notices, I was running on adrenaline from the ‘mad mom’ mode.

This week I’ve been timed out, sleeping extra because I’ve run out of gumption (battery). But we had a nice Father’s Day Sunday.

What’s next? I’ll go through my book to check again for errors. Then I’ll decide how we are going to promote the books, and hopefully, by July I’ll be on the best-seller list.


“So,” my Adorable Cousin says to me when she finds out our much beloved Buddy—aka Young Fuzzy—has turned in his two weeks notice and is looking for a different job, “what’s he want to do now?”

“He wants to be a cowboy, I think,” I said as I remember my own childhood aspiration.

There’s a slight pause on her end, then she says, “Well, ya gotta love a dreamer.”