Digging Deeper

waterfalls in brown field during daytime

Digging a deeper hole rarely gets us to the other side. This truth should be self-evident. The problem is we don’t always see where or how we are digging and we just continue to do what we’ve been doing, right or wrong


“New research confirms that random choices lead to preferences, and then it follows that preferences lead to habits and habits lead us to become the person we somehow decide we were born to be.” Taken from: Seth’s Blog : We like what we choose

I don’t know about this new information, there may be something to it but I’ve never been one to crave large gatherings. I know people who are introverts as I also know those who are extroverts. Personally, I believe those types of people are that way by design. I know people who have developed painful habits and they are quite fond of those habits.

I’m asked on occasion ‘What is a primitive artist’, which has been my occupation for almost fifty years now. I’ve never been able to explain it because yes, it is my talent and occupation, but it’s somewhat of a nebulous title.

Being a homemaker became one of those things people did not just look down on, but at times mocked. As if being a wife, mother, and a keeper of the home was demeaning and like my mother used to say of teachers if you can’t be anything else you can always be a teacher’—some have said that of farmers as well…No, no, don’t tell me about teachers or farmers and all of their good works, she and they aren’t meaning Good teachers or Good farmers they are meaning the other kind.

So, therein lay the problem. Some women came up with clever titles such as a domestic engineer and whatnot, but I’m not much at engineering of anything unless it’s chaos and serendipity. I am an artist which goes along with chaos and serendipity, and many plan B’s, C’s, and so forth.

I have listed homeschooling our children and surviving on my resume. We raised seven children, retained a semblance of sanity, and done so while living our lives along the way as a family.

I don’t know what this has to do with digging a deeper hole but is more in line with the new information. I do know God does give each of us individual talents and those can be used in different individual ways to bring the owners of those talents satisfaction. I, being an artist brought those talents to being a wife, mother, teacher, business entrepreneur, farmer, and everything else I’ve done.

Some of our businesses have been traditional farming, truck farming/greenhouse, construction business, renovating houses, and real estate. So, how to explain a primitive artist? Because it involves a whole spectrum from rearing, loving, training children to planting, sowing, and reaping in life.

I also know about digging deeper holes, in some ways, maybe only my artistic side can appreciate. We can get into digging deeper holes rather than using our talents. Digging deeper holes does seem to go along with habits and becoming content to do the same old thing like a painful habit, regardless if it brings us to the point we want to be in life.

Some people look down on other occupations such as garbage collectors, yet our world certainly benefits from these workers. It keeps our country and our world clean. I knew of a mentally challenged man who followed that line of work. After he learned the Gospel when he left the clean garbage can he would leave a Gospel tract under the handle. He would never fill a pulpit but reached many lost souls through his method.

Life is a tapestry and each person’s life is a part of that tapestry. Digging deeper holes isn’t a good thing. At the end of our lives, it won’t matter how much stuff we’ve had, not money or possessions. What will matter is if we know Jesus, and have walked with him, and in so doing the lives we’ve touched. Like the meme, I read today said, “This world is all the hell that a true Christian is ever to endure, and it is all the heaven that unbelievers will ever enjoy.”

Jeremiah 1:

4)  Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

5)  Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

6)  Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child.

7)  But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak.